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Think. Design. Full Course Pre-Order.

4 of 7 lessons are available. A new one will be released every 2 weeks.

Good design is important but it isn’t common. Thats why large corporations spend millions on multiple rounds of content creation. With Think Design Course you will learn what it means to think like a good designer and create a foundation that takes many others years to develop.

After 6 years of working in the industry, and more than 10 years of studying my craft, I’ve developed a course that gives you insight into how I approach color, type, layout, thinking and much more.

This course will instill the fundamentals of design and teach you what it means to think like a pro graphic designer.

If you’re a small business owner or looking to jumpstart your career in graphic design, this course is perfect for you.

This is the full course preorder. The price will be $399 once the full course is available.

Good luck!


Watch the Lesson 1 Trailer

There will be a total of 7 courses. This is the first of the 7 courses.

These 7 courses will cover:

  1. Fundamentals of Graphic design
  2. The typography animal
  3. Color is a gift
  4. Make the grid. Break the grid
  5. Creative thinking
  6. Critical eye
  7. Tips, Tricks and what’s next?

Course 1 Preview

In this lesson you will learn the basics to graphic design. I will teach you the individual elements of design as well as the principles that are at play with any great design – with examples, demonstrations and homework to test you at the end of the lesson.

Course 2 Preview

In this lesson we will learn some categories of type, anatomy of type and critical thinking about type.

Course 3 Preview

In this lesson we will learn the basics and how to use color to add ownability, depth and meaning to our composition.

Over my career I’ve come face to face with all kinds of obstacles. Sometimes I even contemplated changing paths. Clearly, I’m still in it and now I have a deeper respect, understanding and love for what I do. Now, I want to help others grow by teaching what I’ve learned after reaching this point in my career.

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