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BLK Campaign

I am a BLK designer living in New York City. I was across the street when Eric Garner said over and over again “I can’t breathe.” I stood there with a crowd of people and did nothing. I’ve lived in 4 of the 5 boroughs and have been a victim of racism in every one of them and every time I did nothing. I’ve seen people die, watched as friends were assaulted and known of people in terrible situations — again,  I did nothing.

Today, I am tired of playing victim. I am tired of doing nothing.

I’ve educated myself on afro-american history and have worked hard to position myself as a formidable designer in a predominantly white industry. I fall within the 3% of BLK designers and wanted to represent the community with these 3 letters.

The handmade lettering was designed unique to represent Black Excellence; for all the history we have that does not capture Afro-American involvement.

BLK is a campaign created to support antiracism and promote a seek for greater knowledge.


  • Art Direction

  • Branding

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