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Good End

Good End is a small-business solution that has set out to make digital marketing more accessible for businesses without the agency-level budget.

It’s a Black, woman-owned business, based in Brooklyn, with an emphasis on community. Working closely with the founders, I developed a brand that’s inclusive, yet still aspirational. With a cool, witty personality, the creative embodies a “get-shit-done” persona. The brand’s position is unique; being part of the streets, while still in the corporate world. I wanted to create something that reflected their position and show others that it’s a new method for age-old issues.

For this project I wore many hats. I created a custom logo mark and symbol with a home and out-of-home use. The mark was adapted to act as a watermark and frame.

As a fundraising campaign, I created merch that shows of the semi-street style of the mark as well as its unique-ness.

Lastly, I designed and developed a responsive website that feels inclusive yet cool.

Small businesses. Big Strides

  • Brand Identity

  • Creative Direction

  • Custom Type

  • Web Design & Development


Good End

When being featured in other places we use the full type mark, “Good End”. When posting content on our own platform we control how we are perceived and say Good End using Good and a period.