MOF – 8H

Branding, Graphic & digital design

Designed with use in mind.



Lead Digital Design & Information Architecture

Museum of feelings was an interactive light experience. Fully equipped on the digital side with kiosks and a web app. During the late stages of the project I was hired to design a digital experience that thoughtfully incorporated the physical experience and brought the experience to people from New York to Melbourne.


Designed, both, a website and a kiosk interface that allowed users to interact with the physical structure created for Museum of Feelings and share that experience via social media.

An interactive physical and digital experience for users of all ages.

  • UX & UI

  • Web Design

The web app was truly an interactive experience. The user uploaded a photo, cropped it to be a square, then moved their phone to express how they felt. Forceful quick movements gave you excited while no movement at all returned indifferent. There were over 20 outcomes.

There was also an in-venue kiosk set up with biometric scanners that took multiple readings into account to decide your mood.