Players’ Chess – 8H

Branding, Graphic & digital design

Designed with use in mind.

Players’ Chess


Art Direction & Designer

Many a game have come and gone. Through out time chess remains unmatched as a battle of great minds. As e-sports rise to the forefront of game, chess is in a unique position to become the ultimate battleground for both, common people and the masterminds.

We set out with one goal — make chess cool.

A game for everyone… Everyone’s game.

By making chess cool, we are able to create an all inclusive game that gives everyone a chance at greatness.

As the lead on this project I’ve created a custom mark with a lighthearted and friendly tone. Something that could represent the game of chess as it segues into a modern era. Greatness awaits.

My goal was not to change the game of chess — just how its viewed. From nerd to athlete.

Making chess cool. A game for everyone... Everyone's game.

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